Louisville Baby Photos – Baby Skylah

Baby Skylah is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever seen! It was such a JOY to photograph her. Her mom is pretty awesome, too. So that’s a huge bonus. I LOVE taking sitter baby photos!

Louisville Baby Photos

Normally, sitter sessions are pretty quick, not because I’m done (because I could shoot sweet sitter babies forever), but because they are! Most people contact me for 6 month photos, and I always make sure the baby is able to sit up on his/her own (meaning, he/she won’t fall backwards). If the baby isn’t sitting, I always recommend parents contact me once he/she is! Otherwise, we’ll only have photos of baby lying on his/her back. You can’t pose awake babies in those cute little sleeping newborn poses. Most “6-month” sitter sessions fall somewhere between 6-9 months. Just depends on the baby. I like to shoot them when baby is sitting but NOT yet crawling. I would say most of my sitter sessions fall right around 8 months. Sitter sessions are the absolute BEST sessions, and I always encourage parents to do them, vs. waiting for me to take their one year photos. One year photos are a little tricky, because baby is EVERYWHERE. They are on the move, and they want to EXPLORE. Sitter sessions capture cute, chubby legs, bellies and arms – and most of that fades once baby is on the move.

Darker wood floor is by Intuition Backgrounds.

Louisville Baby Photos

Louisville Baby PhotosLouisville Baby PhotosLouisville Baby Photos

Louisville Baby PhotosLouisville Baby Photos

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