Thank you for coming to my website! I have a huge passion for Newborn and Baby photography, but I’ve had some health issues that started in mid-2016 that have prevented me from working, sadly. I appreciate all the emails and phone calls inquiring about photo sessions, but I have to admit, it pains me to have to respond and tell you I’m unavailable, so I’m posting there, instead. I’m keeping my site up, because I’m hoping I can get back to it someday, soon! I will post here as soon as I do!

Love, Kendra <3

Baby Skylah is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever seen! It was such a JOY to photograph her. Her mom is pretty awesome, too. So that’s a huge bonus. I LOVE taking sitter baby photos!

Louisville Baby Photos

Normally, sitter sessions are pretty quick, not because I’m done (because I could shoot sweet sitter babies forever), but because they are! Most people contact me for 6 month photos, and I always make sure the baby is able to sit up on his/her own (meaning, he/she won’t fall backwards). If the baby isn’t sitting, I always recommend parents contact me once he/she is! Otherwise, we’ll only have photos of baby lying on his/her back. You can’t pose awake babies in those cute little sleeping newborn poses. Most “6-month” sitter sessions fall somewhere between 6-9 months. Just depends on the baby. I like to shoot them when baby is sitting but NOT yet crawling. I would say most of my sitter sessions fall right around 8 months. Sitter sessions are the absolute BEST sessions, and I always encourage parents to do them, vs. waiting for me to take their one year photos. One year photos are a little tricky, because baby is EVERYWHERE. They are on the move, and they want to EXPLORE. Sitter sessions capture cute, chubby legs, bellies and arms – and most of that fades once baby is on the move.

Darker wood floor is by Intuition Backgrounds.

Louisville Baby Photos

Louisville Baby PhotosLouisville Baby PhotosLouisville Baby Photos

Louisville Baby PhotosLouisville Baby Photos

When you choose a photographer, you choose him/her based on a certain style he/she has and what you feel when you look at his/her images. Photography evokes emotion. It makes you want to instantly snuggle a sweet newborn, squeeze the leg of a chubby 6-month-old OR even, have a baby of your own.

Custom photography is a luxury, plain and simple. It’s an investment that isn’t for everyone, but I do believe there’s a photographer for every budget. Custom newborn and baby photography is much different than the “cookie cutter” sessions at one of the national photography chains. You don’t get 20 minutes with random props, and then you’re done, even if your baby cries throughout the session.

Custom photography is something that most families save for to splurge on from time to time to memorialize their babies as they really are – sweet and precious.  I have clients who budget and save for a session with me, and I love that they value my art. After our session, they are on pins and needles waiting for a peek at one of the images of their sweet baby! I love that, and I feel as excited as they do when I reveal a “sneak peek” for them. I love that they love photography, and I love that they value it, because clearly I do; I’ve chosen to preserve others’ memories as my career and passion.

I’m excited to announce that I’m among the select few photographers offering Photoblocks. They are a beautiful addition to my fine art prints and canvases, and I couldn’t be happier to be offering them to my clients. They are absolutely my favorite product that I have ever offered. They are hand created in The Netherlands, and they are completely stunning! Can you tell I love them?

Louisville Custom Newborn Photographer

Louisville Custom Newborn Photographer

Baby Luke was 9 days new when he came to see me. He was full of smiles, and I was ecstatic to have captured one of those sweet smiles – and it was actually in focus! Newborn smiles come and go in an instant, and I usually jump, out of excitement, and am heartbroken when they aren’t sharp! I’ve been photographing his big sister, Sienna, since she was 6 months old. Mom and dad, you certainly have some sweet (and beautiful) kids! Precious, snuggly bear hat by Lee Crochet.

Louisville, Kentucky Newborn Photographer | Baby Luke

Louisville, Kentucky Newborn Photographer | Baby Luke

Louisville, Kentucky Newborn Photographer | Baby LukeLouisville, Kentucky Newborn Photographer | Baby Luke

Louisville, Kentucky Newborn Photographer | Baby Luke





I love subtle, muted colors, and I generally prefer small bows and tiebacks on newborns and babies. I feel they allow my subjects to stand out the most… BUT every once in a while, it’s fun to do something a bit outside your comfort zone, and that I did! I couldn’t think of a cuter baby to model this stunning garden bonnet from Fairfeather Art than baby Olivia. Her striking blue eyes are just gorgeous, and she’s the sweetest! I seriously could photographer her every day.

Louisville KY Baby PhotosLouisville KY Baby PhotosLouisville KY Baby Photos

I tried to keep Olivia, but I couldn’t convince her mom, who I just adore, that it was a good idea. I finally did convince her to let me have her in the middle of the night, since she was going through a no-sleeping phase. I could cuddle her all day long! Sitter age photos (6 – 8 months) are my ABSOLUTE favorite. Some parents will scheduled newborn photos and then plan to wait until the year session, skipping the 6 month session. I always advise them to keep the 6 – 8 month old baby sessions, because they’ll be the best photos they’ll get of their baby! It’s always best to schedule them when the baby is just beginning to sit up well and BEFORE he/she is crawling. One year photos, baby is usually all over the place (They have a whole world to explore!), so it’s a little more challenging to get good photos (but it can be done!).

Louisville Picture of a Babybaby girl louisville

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I love chubby babies. Let me say it again… I LOVE chubby babies! And I love sweet, baby Harper. Sitter sessions (6 – 8 month olds) are my absolute favorite. They haven’t started moving much yet, and they still have all that precious baby chub! I just wanted to SQUEEZE her throughout the whole session, and I did sneak in a few squeezes. Loved every second of her session, and she made me WORK to get a smile out of her. (Harper’s mom is also adorable and super-sweet, which is always a huge bonus. We’re in a local Christian mom’s group together.)

Adorable, lace-trimmed hat and pants set is by Linda Marie Stitchery. It’s one of my most requested outfits for little girls. I love it too, so I certainly see why.

The sweet little pram is one of my favorite props. I have a thing for old baby buggies. I have a hard time ever passing one up without buying it! The struggle is real. The pram is by JD’s Vintage Props. I’ve ordered a few things form them, and they are always great!

Louisville Baby Photography

Baby Photography Louisville KYBaby Photography Louisville KYBaby Photography Louisville KY

Baby D was a bit older than the newborns I typically photograph. I like babies to be between 7-12 days old, generally. She made me work a bit harder, but she finally wore out and fell asleep so I could get some sweet photos of her! She’s a beauty, and her big brother is just as cute!

Newborn Baby Photo

Newborn Baby PictureNewborn photos

What a gorgeous baby! Baby Emma slept so well for me. The key to newborn photos is a full and sleepy baby. I keep the room super warm, normally 80-85 degrees. I generally don’t have many clothes on babies, because they’re too sweet and precious to cover up, so the room has to stay warm for them to be cozy and happy. She looks like a cozy, happy baby to me!

Newborn Baby Photo

Newborn Baby PhotosLouisville Newborn

Baby Sienna is an absolute sweetie, and she’s so adorable! She wasn’t quite sure about me at first, but her silly little personality came out after she warmed up. If you can’t tell, I really love neutrals. I love when my subjects are the focus of my photos. I don’t like super bright or flashy backdrops, clothing or huge headbands. I always joke with my clients that waffle headbands are banned from my studio. (They kind of are!) I just prefer a more subtle, classic look and photos that will stand the test of time. When I first started out, back in 2009, the trend was these HUGE flowers on baby’s heads. I look back and cringe at some of my first photos! I love how these show Sienna, and they are simply her – precious and beautiful.

louisville ky baby photographylouisville ky baby photographylouisville ky baby photography